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On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 19:23 -0400, Bill Cunningham wrote:
> Where can I find out where to get what I need to run gnome on gtk? I
> want to do that  in addition to learning gtk+ API which I know is on
> topic here.


In a sense, GNOME programming is just "more of the same". Most of the
GNOME libraries are built on top of glib and gobject, so the programming
will be familiar.

More to the point, a GNOME application uses the GTK widget toolkit for
its UI, so "running GNOME on GTK" is a tautology - GNOME apps *are* GTK

On a technical level, as you have come to learn from the GTK API docs
and tutorials, so too you will you find material at for the other libraries familiar.
There are some GUI elements present in libraries like libgnomeui (which
are steadily migrating to gtk) and then there are various support
aspects, like supporting accessibility, translations, etc which come
together to make a GNOME app.

Of course, the GNOME project as a whole is going through a bit of an
identity crisis at the moment. One likely outcome is that there will be
some set of parameters that define "this is a GNOME app" and GNOME
itself will be the collection of those applications.

You mentioned being OT to this list; you've been asking lots of sensible
questions here over the past month or two, so I imagine people will be


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