Another GtkPrintOperation question

One other question. In this code snippet:

>   /* Set the margins */
>   pageSetup = gtk_page_setup_new();
>   gtk_page_setup_set_top_margin(pageSetup, topMargin, GTK_UNIT_INCH);
>   gtk_page_setup_set_left_margin(pageSetup, leftMargin, GTK_UNIT_INCH);
>   gtk_page_setup_set_bottom_margin(pageSetup, btmMargin, GTK_UNIT_INCH);
>   gtk_print_operation_set_default_page_setup(print, pageSetup);

Does a GtkPageSetup allocated by gtk_page_setup_new() need to be freed
somehow (maybe by g_free?). There is nothing in the API reference to say
that it does, but it would seem that it should, unless in this instance
gtk_print_operation_set_default_page_setup consumes it.


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