Re: How do you set the properties of a GTK window?

On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 04:58:01PM -0500, LWATCDR wrote:
> I am still feeling my way around GTK. How does one make borderless window?

You can ask the window manager not to draw the window
decorations with gtk_window_set_decorated().  Some will obey
and some will ignore the request -- mine will definitely
ignore it.

> Also where does one set the
> location of the window when it opens?

This is again ultimately controlled by the window manager.
However, you can use gtk_window_move() to tell it where you
would like to place the window.

If you use this function for initial window position, call
it twice: once before showing the window, once after showing
it.  The second call accommodates certain window managers
that ignore window positions set on invisible windows, the
first then avoids flicker in nice-behaving window managers.



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