Re: Selection of Toogle Button in a tree view

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 10:10:34AM +0000, Saba Khan wrote:
> Here the line of code where i emmit the signal and want to select the 
> toggle renderer. So please have a check this and help me in right way

1. You must associate the view with the information in the

  gtk_tree_view_column_add_attribute(column, renderer, "active", column_id);

2. When you want to change what is displayed, change the

  gtk_list_store_set(model, iter, column_id, TRUE or FALSE, -1);

3. Do not set attrbiutes of the cell renderer except (a) in
the cell data function if you have any (b) to set its
properties globally (which you incorrectly do now).

See demos/gtk-demo/list_store.c for an example of the correct



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