Re: can we add checkbox as a Item in gtktreeview

Thank you!. I already use this technique but i dn't know how to hande this i would like to ask some more information along this.
1-  Which property i should use during making cell renderer. eg
"activatable"         "active"

2- I used G_TYPE_BOOLEAN for column GtkCellRendererToggle in gtk_tree_store_new, its good OR should change this.

3- Can u tell me more about "toggled" signal that how i can handle it as i need multiple selection of this check boxes in a tree for retreiving data. After multiple selection i want to store information of parents and childs and to be expand tree also

Thank you in advance!.

From: Daniel Kasak <dkasak nusconsulting com au>
To: Hum Tum <s_i_uk hotmail com>, gtk-list gnome org
Subject: Re: can we add checkbox as a Item in gtktreeview
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 09:46:49 +1100

Hum Tum wrote:

Helo all,

I want to use checkbox as a item in GtkTreeView with the + sign to expand the tree. Can i select multiple rows in treeview using checkbox or any other alternate to handle this. Also i want to store information along these rows. I want to achieve what is in the figure attached.

You can put a GtkCellRendererToggle as your 1st column, and then connect some code to it's "toggled" signal to activate all the other stuff underneath it in the tree.

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