Re: Need help : Installing gtk+ on Windows 2000

On Fri, 2006-05-05 at 10:39 +0530, Hemendra Jain wrote:
> Hi Friends,
>   I am trying to install GTK+ on Windows 2000.
> What I have downloaded:
> 1.atk-1.10.1
> 2.cairo-0.9.2
> 3.glib-2.10.1
> 4.gtk+-2.8.0
> 5.pango-1.10.1
> Problems I face:
> No guide how to install GTK+ on Win 2000.
> Do I need some DEPENDENCIES /RUNTIME components ?

Following the links from leads me to which has a link to: which has standalone installer packages
for just the GTK runtime and all its dependencies.  In particular, you

If you compile your program against the headers and development
libraries as provided by Tor (the second link) then if the end user
installs this runtime, he will be able to run your application. Just be
aware, though, that your app must have the gtk runtime's bin directory
in the execution path.  Most people do this by creating a windows
shortcut to the real exe that starts the real exe in the working
directory of C:\Program Files\Common files\GTK\2.0\bin (or whatever the
path is you installed the runtime to).

Alternatively you can get the installer package I just mentioned,
install it, and then copy the entire GTK runtime to be relative to your
exe and build a big bundle out of the entire thing.  It is preferred, I
think, to look for GTK in the standard place (de facto standard), 
C:\Program Files\Common files\GTK\2.0\bin.  This is what I personally
do, as does the Gimp, and GAIM.  This way all gtk apps can share a
common runtime.

> What I need:
> An installation guide of how to install GTK+ on Windows.

To recap.  Get installer package.  start->run "gtk+-2.8.9-setup.exe".

For the development libraries I recommend taking all the tarballs that
Tor has carefully prepared and uncompressing them into your build
environment, whether that be c:\mingw (include/ lib/ share/ etc/) or
something else.   If you are using the Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE, you can
get packages that integrate with their IDE here (this is only needed by
you the developer, not your end users): (there are other people offering similar


> Thanx.
> Rgds,
> Hemendra Jain.
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> Datamatics Limited,
> Mumbai- -400096.
> Tel: 28291974, Ext: 501
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