a cross between a GtkTreeModel/Path and GtkList?

Hi -

As part of my attempts to make netperf4 easier to use, I'm starting down the path of writing a small GTK+2 application that will allow the user to create/edit netperf4 config files. In a netperf4 config file, there are one or more "netservers" and a netserver can have 0 or more "tests" associated with it.

At first blush, after reading the Gtk+ 2.0 Tree View tutorial:


A GtkTreeModel/View seemed apropriate, but it would seem that the assumption is that while there is a parent/child relationship like my netserver/test, the parent and child have the same columns.

Is there a widget out there already, or some examples, where the child could have different columns from the parent? Will I have to find a way to "nest" different GtkListModel/Views?

What I'd like to be able to do is allow the user to click on the expand gizmo (gee, does my knowledge of terms show?-) of a netserver and list the tests with their own column headings and such.

thanks for any pointers,

rick jones

an example of a netperf4 config file, with just one netserver, in its native XML form can be seen here:


or there is the DTD in all its present glory:


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