SEGV_MAPERR error@gtk_widget_show_all?

Hi all

while running my application, i am getting SEGV_MAPERR signal. because of it, my application crash down. i have debugged using gdb and came to know that it is at the function call
	gtk_widget_show_all((GtkWidget *)curWidget).

where curWidget is a poitner to widget which has been hidden by gtk_widget_hide_all((GtkWidget *)curWidget) previously and curWidget is a pointer to GtkWidget which points to one dialog box in my application.

can someone help me out?

i have included entire stack trace.

Stack trace:
1: 0x43d28987 <g_type_check_instance_is_a+91> (/usr/lib/
 2: 0x43fb8704 <gtk_widget_show_all+92> (/usr/lib/
3: 0x8095c29 <_Z26btnAccept_Incoming_clickedP10_GtkButtonPv+129> (minisip/minisip) 4: 0x43d20afb <g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID+127> (/usr/lib/
 5: 0x43d0afbd <g_closure_invoke+225> (/usr/lib/
 6: 0x43d1e612 <(null)+1137829394> (/usr/lib/
 7: 0x43d204a1 <g_signal_emit_valist+2309> (/usr/lib/
 8: 0x43d206e3 <g_signal_emit+35> (/usr/lib/
 9: 0x43e0f2b4 <gtk_button_clicked+79> (/usr/lib/
 10: 0x43e10ba1 <(null)+1138822049> (/usr/lib/
 11: 0x43e10c62 <(null)+1138822242> (/usr/lib/
 12: 0x43ec6e67 <(null)+1139568231> (/usr/lib/
 13: 0x43d0b296 <(null)+1137750678> (/usr/lib/
 14: 0x43d0afbd <g_closure_invoke+225> (/usr/lib/
 15: 0x43d1e977 <(null)+1137830263> (/usr/lib/
 16: 0x43d20128 <g_signal_emit_valist+1420> (/usr/lib/
 17: 0x43d206e3 <g_signal_emit+35> (/usr/lib/
 18: 0x43fbaa75 <(null)+1140566645> (/usr/lib/
 19: 0x43ec5262 <gtk_propagate_event+511> (/usr/lib/
 20: 0x43ec5430 <gtk_main_do_event+436> (/usr/lib/
 21: 0x440d6082 <(null)+1141727362> (/usr/lib/
 22: 0x43ca623c <g_main_context_dispatch+484> (/usr/lib/
 23: 0x43ca7c40 <(null)+1137343552> (/usr/lib/
 24: 0x43ca7e98 <g_main_loop_run+412> (/usr/lib/
 25: 0x43ec478e <gtk_main+178> (/usr/lib/
 26: 0x808d6ce <_Z9vcsd_mainiPPc+50> (minisip/minisip)
 27: 0x8084a61 <_ZN7GUIMain3runEv+733> (minisip/minisip)
 28: 0x8079fc5 <_ZN7Minisip6runGuiEv+25> (minisip/minisip)
 29: 0x807e5f1 <main+101> (minisip/minisip)
End of stack trace

thanx in advance.


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