Re: More on GTK usability

2006/3/8, Peter Eckersley <pde cs mu oz au>:
Hmmm, I do seem to have started quite a thread here.

It seems that there are a stack of relevant observations:

Someone made the excellent point that users expect consistent
behaviour across applications on their chosen platform.  Now for me, and
many other desktop *nix users, the platform model we have is
the shell.  Having the gtk1 chooser behave like a better version of the
shell was great.

Of course, for the "desktop converts" that GNOME is trying
to win, this does not apply and will never apply unless someone sits
them down and and takes the time to show them how to do funky stuff with
the shell.  So there is an inherent problem: you don't really know what
the "platform" for GTK is.

I agree. The programers and power-users, need to know about how many peaple exist with the same capabilities you have?.

Is it a program to the mass or for your own use?

Do you want a lot of options and key combinations, to do the same or may be allow the user to image what he can do? or make the program "Just Work", for the rest of us.

If the *nix desktop is moving in that direction, someone should really
get around to building a new command line shell that is GUI-fied and
does things the same way.  But that's another project :)

And need to do so, to win the "normal" peaple to use the software you'll develope in a power full plataform, where the programer can shoose the thecnology and automate the task for the end user.

We need to thing in How to improve the productivity of the end user.

Thing on the peaple, like me, that need "Just Do the Thing in the Rigth Way", and not modify files, learn about commands with a lot of dificult options just to "open a file in a quick way".

Trabajar, la mejor arma para tu superación
"de grano en grano, se hace la arena" (R) (entrámite, pero para los cuates: LIBRE)

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