Dumb question

I'm writing a roll-your-own widget that uses, among other things, a few buttons (via gtk_button_new()) and spin_buttons (gtk_spin_button_new()).  In my widget _init() fcn, I create all the buttons, pack them into an hbox, and pack the hbox and some other stuff into a vbox.  When the app the uses the new widget runs, the spin buttons show up but the regular buttons don't.  They're there--if you click on the empty space where they ought to be, the callback gets invoked, but the buttons aren't visible.  This happens regardless of whether I use gtk_button_new_with_label ("whatever"), or just gtk_button_new() and gtk_container_add() various things (labels, labels in boxes, etc) to the button later.

Anyone have a clue what's happening?

Chris Moller
Red Hat

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