Re: Any reason to worry about using wx? (but it uses GTK!?! :)

2006/6/29, Christian Seberino <christianseberino yahoo com>:
wx uses GTK under the least on Unix and Linux.

Can anyone see any problems //down the road// with using wx as far
as losing benefits a pure GTK app would have?

wx->- Another layer of stuff.
      - A subset of GTK, so it could be compatible with others.(you
lost control)
      - GTK works on windows, Unix(X11) and native MacOS is in process.
      -Look at audacity-> wx , amsn... They are ugly on Linux (seems
they use GTK 1.2 or GTK 2.0 without themes)(amsn added themes
recently, but I remember a lot of people complaining how bad it
was(they judged only by its appearance))
     -IMHO win32 is dead, Microsoft needs to sell its new .Net
related widgets, wx uses win32.
    -I have never used wx, so I could be mistaken.

Jose Hevia

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