GTK+ port ?

First of all I am not sure if this is the best mailing list to post.
Please direct me to some other place if necessary.

I am interested in porting GTK+ to a different "display platform". The
documentation indicates that GTK communicates with the underlying
platform through GDK, which in term has a number of "platform drivers"
or which ensure the compatibility. The picture I got in my head is
something of this sort in the case of X:

x11 client

and for a say Win32 it would be:

win32 api

If this is not correct please correct me. Assuming that I understood
well, my aim will be to create a gdk module of the sort "gdk-XYZ". My
primary aim is to monitor the modified areas of the screen, render
them to some in memory bitmap and send them to the display. What would
you suggest me to start with? I could not find any documentation on
this part of GTK+. Do you think that gdk-linuxfb or gdk-directfb is a
good starting point?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
Thank in advance,


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