Re: Code migration.

On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 09:15:47PM +0100, John Cupitt wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> It sounds like you have some problems with your installation. I'd try
> to get a gtk2 "hello world" program going first.

Good idea, thanks.
> On 7/9/06, William D. Tallman <wtallman olypen com> wrote:
> > 1.  Code written for Gtk+-1.2 will, or will not, compile and run
> > correctly under Gtk-2.0.  y/nt..
> No, some porting is required. As I remember (I went thorough this a
> few years ago) getting something that works is pretty easy. Rewriting
> to remove dependencies on deprecated widgets (GtkText, GtkCList, etc.)
> is more work.

At a glance, it would seem necessary to replace all the 'gtk_' with 'g_'
just for starters.  Haven't looked any deeper yet.
> There's a chapter in the GTK manual about migration:
> With a section on 1.2 -> 2.0:

Aha, good resources.
> > 2.  Gtk+-2.4.0 is, or is not, usable for development.  y/n.
> All the gtk2 versions are source and binary backwards compatible, so
> if you get it working with 2.4 it should work with 2.10.

I gathered as much.  We'll see how well it works starting with the Hello
World code and progressing from there.  I would think that Patrick
Volkerding would almost be a guarantee of code included in his distro,
so I suspect the problems are mine.
> > 3.  Should I have to redefine a shell variable in order to get the 2.0
> > version to work?  y/n.
> No, you should be OK without.

Okay, thanks.

I appreciate your response!

Bill Tallman

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