Help with "local" GTK debug version needed.

I wish to compile gtk "locally" I have my own debug version to which I
can link my own test apps. I want this version to contain debug
info. I do not, however, wish to upgrade my desktop to this version of
gtk. Just have a "debug" gtk locally for test development apps to use
it as a shared library.

Is this possible?


cd src/glib
./configure --enable-debug=yes prefix=/home/hadron/src
make install

Works fine : local version of glib.

Now I prepare atk:

cd src/atk
./configure --enable-debug=yes prefix=/home/hadron/src

It complains that the version found was less than that of the one
needed.  So I add "/home/hadron/src/lib/pkgconfig" to my


The problem now is not that pkg_config reports the higher version is
there but the one found is the old one.  One can expect this since the
shared libaries I have locally are not on the path.

How do I fix this properly for the ./configure state? It seems to me
that if I edit /etc/ and run "sudo ldconfig" then I will
update the system versions too! ./configure doesnt have an "rpath"

How to tell my "test program" and others (such as atk above) to use my
local shared libraries which contain debugging information without
changing the system? I'm sure it is staring me in the face, but I can
not see the wood for the trees at the moment.

I have tried specifying --libdirs=/home/hadron/src/lib to ./configure
but it is still seeing the /usr/lib version which is older than my
downloaded and locally compiled version,

Thank you for any advice.


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