Re: GtkIMContextSimple table

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 11:56 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> Could someone explain how the table for a GtkIMContextSimple is used?
> Is this really just a mapping of input characters to output characters?
> How is that different to a keyboard layout?

Ah, I think I can answer that myself. The difference to a keyboard
layout mapping seems to be that an GtkImContextSimple input method has
the concept of "compose".

The table can specify that x input characters can be used to get one
output character. An underline in the display shows that additional
characters can be entered to choose the final output character. Pressing
the right arrow key accepts the current character. I wonder if this user
interaction is documented anywhere for regular users.

The Tigrigna-Eritrean input method is an example of this.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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