Re: gtk-list Digest, Vol 32, Issue 22

2006/12/19, srini amul <sriniamul yahoo com>:


We're in the process of evaluating solutions for mobile based application.
We came across GTK with DirectFB as one of the options. We have some queries
in this regard....

I also have some queries for you:

1. do you think that "Re: gtk-list Digest, Vol 32, Issue 22" is the
correct subject of your email?
2. do you think that sending HTML email is a good thing?
3. do you think that leave 284 lines (7932 char) of quoted and unused
text is a smart thing to do?

1. How many bits per pixel ( how many colors) can be displayed ?
2. Does it integrate with SVG?
2.a Can it read/parse XML based files ?
3. Is it possible to render 3D animations, text ? If yes, how ?
4. Does it support Unicode 8 or 16 ?
5. Does it support OMA DRM (for mobile applications)
6. Does it have a JVM ? Can Java applications run ?
7. Does it support Mobile connectivity ( Bluetooth, IrDA, AT-command) ?
8. Can u tell us the difference between DirectFB & X11?

you can find answers on 90% of these questions reading the docs or
googling, on the other 10% you could get much more answers if you
didn't break 100% of the netiquette.

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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