Gtk+ Developer opportunity

Garmin has opportunities for Gtk+ experienced developers.  You can
apply online via the Garmin website:

Here is the job description-

Embedded Linux Software Engineer

Position Title: Embedded Linux Software Engineer


Job Status: Exempt

Location: OLATHE, KS

Position Summary: Develop software for GARMIN's communication and
navigation products in a team-oriented environment.

Essential Functions

   * Develop software in C, C++, or other selected languages for
either embedded or application development for desktop Linux
   * GARMIN communication and navigation products in accordance with
GARMIN's software development methodology
   * Test software using debuggers, emulators, simulators, and logic analyzers
   * Perform software releases and software quality assurance activities
   * Perform maintenance activities for products already in
production in addition to new product software design

Other Responsibilities

   * Review product information including manuals and brochures for
technical accuracy
   * Participate in product definition activities including feature
analysis and system tradeoffs
   * Perform other duties as necessary

Education, Experience, and Skills Required

   * Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Electrical
Engineering,or Computer Engineering from a four year college or
university, or above/equivalent education or experience
   * Excellent academics (cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.0)
   * Experience and/or training in high level languages such as C,
C++ for either embedded or desktop Linux
   * Working knowledge of the GNU tool chain for software development
   * Experience with application frameworks such as Gtk+, Gtkmm, Qt, and Qtopia

Desirable Qualifications

   * Knowledge of the Linux kernel and device drivers
   * Experience with ARM processors and their architecture

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