Re: Handling parent & child behaviour using tree view

Thank you for prompt reply. I am using this code so please check it out.
But when it reach to the method gtk_tree_model_iter_parent(), it shows warning which is listed below.

GtkTreeModel *pModel = gtk_tree_view_get_model (GTK_TREE_VIEW(m_pFileTreeView)); g_signal_connect((gpointer) m_pRendererCheck, "toggled", G_CALLBACK (OnCellToggled), pModel); void OnCellToggled(GtkCellRendererToggle *pCellRenderer, gchar *path, gpointer pUserData)
	GtkTreeModel *TreeModel = (GtkTreeModel *)pUserData;
	if (!TreeModel)
	GtkTreeIter  iter, cSessionIter;
	GtkTreePath *TreePath = gtk_tree_path_new_from_string (path);
	gboolean bFixed;
	// Get toggled iter
	gtk_tree_model_get_iter (TreeModel, &iter, TreePath);
	gtk_tree_model_get (TreeModel, &iter, TRACK_TOOGLE_BOX_COL, &bFixed, -1);
	// Do something with the value
	bFixed = gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_get_active(pCellRenderer);
	if (bFixed)
		bFixed = FALSE;
		bFixed = TRUE;
if (gtk_tree_model_iter_parent(GTK_TREE_MODEL (TreeModel), &iter, &cSessionIter))
		//gtk_tree_store_set (GTK_TREE_STORE (TreeModel), &cSessionIter,
                  column, bFixed, -1);
if (gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first(GTK_TREE_MODEL (TreeModel), &cSessionIter))


From: David Neèas (Yeti) <yeti physics muni cz>
To: gtk-list gnome org
Subject: Re: Handling parent & child behaviour using tree view
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 09:09:32 +0100

On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 07:07:35AM +0000, Saba Khan wrote:
> I used this method, gtk_tree_model_iter_parent() but i have problem like
> this.
> gtk_tree_store_iter_parent: assertion `child->stamp == GTK_TREE_STORE
> (tree_model)->stamp' failed.
> (:7868): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_store_set: assertion `VALID_ITER (iter,
> tree_store)' failed
> Please do me feedback.

The child iter you pass to gtk_tree_store_iter_parent() is

When you get failed assertions on function arguments like
this, it *ALWAYS* means the arguments you pass are rubbish
and don't pass an elementary sanity check.


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