no instant update of gtk_progress_bar


I'm using GTK+2.6.8 on an embedded platform. My application is working fine, but I do have one problem with updating
progress_bars. They only get updated when I move the cursor over the vbox.

Let me explain the sequence:

1) I've created a VBOX widget (gtk_vbox_new)
2) Then I created 3 progress bars (gtk_progress_bar_new) and added them into the VBOX container (gtk_container_add) and used the gtk_widget_show
        to make them visible.
.... up till now, all fine and visible on the screen

3) I've a thread that fires every 1 second
4) The thread updates the progress bar widgets with fraction and text (gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction & gtk_progress_bar_set_text)
5) To make the update visible on the screen, I use gtk_widget_queue_draw (pProgressBar[x]).

I do not see the update immediately on the screen, unless I move my pointer in/out VBox area or some other Widget area's.

I've already tried to gtk_widget_queue_draw (pVBox) and tried to add some other calls like gtk_widget_show_all, etc. but nothing helps.

Any idea what can be wrong ? Should I use another call to immediately update the screen ?


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