Re: motion_notify_event too slow/skips

riboaz xs4all nl wrote:
When I compile and run the Scribble sample code, the motion_notify_event
responds slowly, which causes the drawing pen to "skip", even if I remove
the GDK_POINTER_MOTION_HINT_MASK.  Is there a way to speed up this
response time, or do I just have to "manually" connect the dots if I'm
writing a drawing/painting application?  Looking at the behavior of GIMP,
I'm guessing that I'll need to "manually" connect the dots, but I'd like
some confirmation on this before implementing the code.

    Yes you do have to do that yourself (if thats the desired effect),
These events are delivered as is from the X server, The mouse device
itself may be configured to deliver events at certain intervals (so as
not to spam the system), so the faster you move the mouse; the greater
the interval in pixels from the last mouse location.


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