GtkTextView - text justification

I have a gtk_text_view displaying the contents of a syntax-highlighted file. I'd like to create a column along the left side of the buffer for holding icons that are dynamically drawn (these icons align with the rows of text). In addition, I'd like to retain the text justification of the text as the icons are created/destroyed. Is this possible?

The specific application is gpsim, the GNUPIC simulator ( I'm attempting to update the source browser window. This window displays the contents of an Assembly file. Breakpoints, current program counter and a few other miscellaneous items are indicated with icons along the left side of the window. In the past I've used a GtkLayout widget in conjunction with a GtkText widget to achieve this. However, the more modern GtkTextView widget is much more powerful and seems like it should be able to do this. So far, I've attempted to set the left margin with a gtk_text_tag, but this doesn't work when a GtkTextChildAnchor (the widget for wrapping GtkWidgets so that they can be displayed in a GtkTextBuffer) is placed at the beginning of a line. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them!


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