Getting the wrong output

In my class, when I use the "getter" to display the value I get the right
output, but when I try using the overloaded extractor operator (<<) I get
some hex value displayed. Here is some of the code:
--- snip
int main() {
   Money money("12.21");

   std::cout << "Value is: " << money.getAmount() << std::endl; // 12.21
   std::cout << "Value is: " << money << std::endl; // hex value????
   return 0;

The class goes like this:
class Money {
   float amount;    //!< This variable holds the numerical value
   //! Constor
   Money(const std::string&);

   //!Copy constructor
   Money( const Money& );

   ~Money() { std::cout << amount << std::endl;} //<<=== 12.21

   // Setters
   // Getters
   const float getAmount() const;

   // Overloaded operators
   friend std::ostream& operator<<( std::ostream&, const jme::Money& );
   friend std::istream& operator>>( std::istream&, jme::Money& );
} ; //Money

and the code looks like this
--- snip
jme::Money::Money( const std::string& x){
    this->setAmount(x); // this metho converts the std::string to a float
const float jme::Money::getAmount() const {
    return this->amount;
jme::operator<<( std::ostream& os, const jme::Money& obj ) {
    os << obj.getAmount(); //<<==== 0x4b1120
    return os;
----- end of snip
As you can see when using the member method getAmount() the value
displayed is in the right format, however the extractor operator is not
doing the job I thought it would.

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?


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