GTK app cannot find new fonts on KDrive/TinyX machine.


I'm trying to add scalable font support to an
application that uses wxWindows w/GTK.  This app runs
on a PC-based device using a Redhat 7.3 kernel and a
highly custmized OS configuration.  The PC-based
device RPL-boots, so the OS is very streamlined and

wxWindows has a 'font' sample program that is supposed
to display the system installed fonts, and on the
PC-based device - it cannot find any fonts.  The
'font' program runs fine on regular Linux PC.  

I asked the wxWindows people how wxWindows gets it's
list of system installed fonts, and they said that was
handled by GTK. I've been Googling, but haven't really
found the answer yet.

KDrive/TinyX is slimmed down build of XFree86, and I
built a new version of it to support scalable fonts. 
The fonts.dir and fonts.alias are in non-standard
locations.  I suspect GTK is looking in a single
location, like /user/X11R6/something - where that path
is not valid in my RPL-image.  

If I know where GTK is looking for the files (if that
is indeed the problem), I can create symlinks or
otherwise try to fake the system.

The software being used, as far as I can tell (I'm a
newby) is:
  Redhat 7.3 kernel
Any help or ideas would be greatly apprectiated.


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