Re: expose-event

Andreas Bentlage wrote:
thanks for that,
i have fix it now. but here is another big problem i have.
after (or before - i don't know) the expose-event of the
drawingarea all my global variables are NULL!
in a callback i select a filename with fileselectbox.
gchar filename = gtk_file_selection_get_filename(GtkFile ...
i deklare the var. 'filename' as public, so every function can use it.

after the expose event 'filename' is empty! and i don't know why.

    - Did the callback in question have time to run before
      your expose event ?

    - Did you check the return value of
      gtk_file_selection_get_filename () ?

    - Did you really shadow the global "filename" variable with
      the one in your callback like so:
      > gchar filename = gtk_file_selection_get_filename(GtkFile ...

    - Did you do something like this:
          gchar  smash_string[16];
          gchar *filename = "default";
          memset (smash_string, 0x0, 20); // <-- Nullify filename
      hehe, thats far fetched but its happened before ;-D


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