main window sizing

I am using gtk+ 2.6.8 on Fedora Linux machine.  My application creates a
main window as follows:
  window = g_object_new(GTK_TYPE_WINDOW, "default-height", 200,
"default-width", 300, "border-width", 12, "title", "Thermo Couples", NULL);
and installed a 30 page notebook with many displays and almost everything is
working correctly.  I noticed that there is a restore button in the window
and when I click it the window maximizes to about 3 X my screen size ( the
non-maximized window is just right in all the notebook pages).  I tried to
  gtk_window_set_resizable(GTK_WINDOW(window), FALSE); but all that did was
to make the main window maximized all the time!  Can anyone explain this
peculiar sizing behaviour? Any suggestions?

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