Re: [gtkextra] No text is drawn

Al Hooton (al hootons org):

> > This has nothing to do with fonts not showing up. GTK+ and Xft will
> > use in order:
> > 
> >  - Xft.dpi X resource
> >  - DPI from the screen
> > 
> > So if gnome-settings-daemon isn't there to provide the DPI, it will
> > *still* have a DPI. GTK+ works perfectly fine in non-GNOME
> > environments.
> [...]
> - Install Mandrake 10.1 Official, installing all the included desktops
> - Choose to run KDE as your desktop
> - Run a gtk+ app (the test apps that come with gtkextra are where I
> first saw this problem, but it affects many gtk+ apps for me if the
> environment is installed as described above)
> Once you see the very small fonts problem, run gnome-settings-daemon.
> The problem is resolved and the fonts are a size that is readable.

  The fix is for Mandrake to do the reasonable thing and set Xft.dpi to
be 96.0 in a globally sourced X resource file, as Red Hat does.


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