Re: changing font size for an entire application

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:44:21 -0500, Bob Huston <rhuston mitre org> wrote:
> When I design the UI on the screen it is totally different than when it is
> run. The application font size is 
> huge making the dialogs and all associated UI controls expand to a much
> larger size than designed. 
> How can I change the font size used by the application and all controls? 

The font size (in pixels) is set from a combination of the DPI for
your screen (pango asks X for this information) and the point size of
the font (eg. if you've asked for "sans 12").

So you can either change the configuration of your X server to
decrease the DPI, or you can ask for a smaller point size. I'd check
the X server first and only if there's no problem there add something

  gtk-font-name = "Bitstream Vera Sans 8"

to .gtkrc-2.0 in my home directory.

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