Is it possible to render into memory on win32/gtk?

first i would like to say hallo, I've just subscribed to this list a few minutes ago. although I've read a bit over it, because I'm looking for a solution for a hard-to-crack-nut.

So now my question:
i need to render gtk into some sort of memory buffer, to feed it into OpenGL (or whatever). Linux-fb don't seams to be an option, because to compile gtk on win32 is simply a pain (after ours of modifying makefiles i got just a bunch of crashing dll's and exe's), and if i can't compile (what is surely my fault, but i don't have the time to probably reinvent the wheel), it is impossible to debug. DirectFB seams to be a solution that is close to what i want, but still no win32 support (?). I've played a bit around with that pixbuf-stuff, and was able to get what
   i wanted but there are still allot of problems:
1.)on win32 gtk is rendered using the ms-gdi, what is not that slow. but i need to render just to the GDI-surfaces not on screen. (probably just hiding th window using win32-api calls) 2.)i need to hijack the input system. again win32-api hacks could work 3.)works fine just for a single window, because of all that api-hacking i don't use win32 as the window
         manager anymore.->i could probably write my own one.

as you can see, I'm ending up with allot of hacks, that are every thing else than portable. what i want is a back-end that provides me an api to copy the rendered off-screen image to whatever i want and some simple functions that i call from my application to feed gdk with input events. so, does have anybody have an idea
   if something like that already exists???

thanks in regards, i hope all that is not to much off-topic.


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