Hi I've upgraded the DirectFB backend to work with the latest CVS.

To support DirectFB on SDL I had to make some mods to the DirectFB
backend to give reasonable pseudo hardware keymappings also I turned
off the SDL cursor.

Next I've also created a Cairo backed for DirectFB to support Cairo on

The reason I'm writing is I noticed that the DirectFB backend looked
like it would be supported in GTK 2.6 so I thought this work would be
of intrest.

Its a lot of stuff so if someone is intrested in the code then email me.

Also I was working on converting the gpe apps from handhelds to org
over to work with the DirectFB backend and noticed that one glaring
ommision from the gdk api seems to be supporting lauch feedback. They
use the startup-notification library which is not wrapped.  They also
do interapp reparenting for docking via X but I think that is
supported for all platforms via a gdk api that I can't find right now.

Finally overall one problem I have is GTK does not seem to support the
concept of layers for windows its quite useful and degrades fairly
gracefully on platforms were it cannot be supported any chance of a
layer api at least for top level windows.



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