Re: Setting tooltips on GtkComboBox

Is there a list of GTK_NO_WINDOW widgets?  Or is there an easy way to
tell from the GTK manual that a widget is GTK_NO_WINDOW?  I'm sure this
is the cause of my combobox event problems and I never thought that the
combobox wouldn't have its own window.

The other controls I've run into without windows have all made a lot of
sense, frames, labels, etc.  Labels because they need to be as
lightweight as possible, Frames so they are "transparent", etc. 
However, it seems like the combo box, being one of the most complex
controls in GTK, wouldn't incur much overhead if it had a window by

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 15:16, Egon Andersen wrote:
> Problem solved!
> Putting the GtkComboBox inside an GtkEventBox solved the problem.

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