drag and drop

Here is a question about drag and drop.
I have a clipboard-like application, that calls gdk_drag_get_data
several times; this then calls the handler for gtk-drag-data-receive
several times.
It seems it is really difficult to bind what I receive to what I call:
if I want the data once to have a peek and once again to use it, it is
the same signal and there is no way to discriminate. If I want it once
in one format and once again on another, I have to hash on the GdkAtom
on the receiving end. If it gets called once for a drop and once again
for another, I have to hash on the timestamp.
These problems could be solved by adding a user_data struct to
gdk_drag_get_data and to the handler, or by passing an arbitrary
callback to gdk_drag_get_data.

The question is, is it the Xdnd spec that makes it difficult, or is it
If I didn't miss anything in the Xdnd spec, the user data would need to
be hooked on the XdndStatus message. How feasible is it?

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