Debian Sarge Install Make???


I've been trying toinstall GTK+ on Debian Sarge.

As per directions:

 A full list of options can be found by running configure with the --help 
 argument. In general, the defaults are right and should be trusted. After
 you've run configure, you then run the make command to build the 
 package and install it. 

 make install

Configure ran fine, but I can't get "make" to do anything. (See below)

linux1:/usr/share/gtk+-2.6.1# ls
acconfig.h         demos                   
acinclude.m4       depcomp                           m4macros
aclocal.m4         docs                              makecopyright
AUTHORS            examples                
build              gdk                     
ChangeLog                     makefile.msc
ChangeLog.pre-1-0         missing
ChangeLog.pre-1-2  gdk-pixbuf                        mkinstalldirs
ChangeLog.pre-2-0              modules
config.guess  NEWS        gtk                               NEWS.pre-1-0
config.h.win32                    po        po-properties
config.log         gtk-doc.make                      README
config.sub                     README.cvs-commits
configure          HACKING                           README.win32       INSTALL                 
contrib            install-sh                        tests
COPYING            libtool
linux1:/usr/share/gtk+-2.6.1# make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.


Bill W

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