failed in listen(): Invalid argument


after i upgraded to gtk-2.6.x (2.6.1), i'm getting this message when using gtk programs:

failed in listen(): Invalid argument.

gentoo linux here.

gthumb and eclipse for example are doing this.

i tried to recompile gthumb (with gtk-2.6), didn't help.

for gthumb it's a just a message,
but in the case of eclipse,
after some time eclipse says that
"fail to create socket: Too many open files".

and i have to stop/kill eclipse, because he won't work anymore.

coincidentally, my openoffice install that is the ximian-style openoffice (using the gtk file chooser and so on),
also stopped working with gtk-2.6.

for eclipse, my solution was to compile a gtk-2.4.* into a local directory, and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to tell eclipse to use that gtk. this fixed the problem.

any ideas about what am i doing wrong? or should i create a bugreport?
does this seem to be a gtk bug or a gentoo bug?


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