Re: [gnome-love] gtk+ without cairo

Le Tuesday 16 August 2005 a 00:08, Markus Jonsson ecrivait: 
> Hello everyone, 
> this is my first post to this list!
> I've just installed gnome 2.11 from cvs using jhbuild, and it is very
> slow, I'm thinking it's because of the new cairo backend for gtk. Is
> there any way to build gtk+ without cairo? Or could the problem be
> something else?
> Thanks for a great desktop.
Hi Markus, 

I think that it is not the good mailing list, Can you try with
gtk-list gnome org ?

I forward your mail to this mailing-list.

Best Regards, 


Stephane Wirtel <stephane wirtel belgacom net>

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