Very confused with pixbufs, pixmaps, images, rgbs and drawables

I want to be pragmatically creating some off screen images, just some text rendering. I'm not using Gtk+ for this part of the application. I have a vague idea I want to create either a GdkPixmap or a GdkImage, do my rendering using the base GdkDrawable, and then call gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable to convert to a GdkPixbuf to access individual pixels. How do I choose between GdkImage and GdkPixmap? Both of them are drawables (inherit from GdkDrawable).

The names are really really confusing. I know the difference between GdkPixmap and GdkPixbuf, but the names seem completely arbitary! If you switched the names you could still argue they made sense. How about GdkClientPixmap and GdkServerPixmap? GtkImage - that sounds like it should be the base class of all image classes, but it's something else entirely! And then there's GdkRGB!

GdkPixmap - server side pixel map
GdkBitmap - server side pixel map, 1bpp
GdkPixbuf - client side pixel map
GdkImage - not really sure, but it says it's redundant to GdkRGB
GdkRGB - seems to render raw pixel data from a simple pointer

Is that right? Please set me straight. What are they all for? And which do I want to solve my problem in the first paragraph?

Chris Seaton

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