Re: gtk 2.6.7

Hi ... 

probably , this problem does not occurs only with your own GTK apps
... IMHO, it can being caused by your current environment theme, so
it's not a GTK problem :S

PS: i'm saying this because it was happening with me some time ago !

Best Regards

> I just installed the latest gtk+ version. After
> installing it i have a problem. The highlighting
> colour of my menu bar and menu items when i click
> makes the font white in colour making it unable to
> read. This is for all applications. Could someone
> please tell me how to get the default blue colour
> back.

Antonio Gomes
E-mail: antonio gomes indt org br
Embedded Linux Lab - 10LE
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (Manaus/Br)
NOKIA's Technology Institute

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