Re: Can't build GTK+ from CVS


hummm ... it's a stranger file to me ...  could you inform us the
error message ... i it isn't on my system , nor this directory is in
my home :S !! (I'm using GTK 2.6.2.) Owen (or another GTK GURU), is it
a new file included in the future GTK releases !?

btw, did you build the gtk dependecies ? Are you setting up a common
path right --prefix ./configure's options (it's not necessary and
mandatory, but i prefer to work configuring it, except in special
cases) ?!

Best Regards

On Apr 3, 2005 11:39 PM, Mike Wyatt <wyatt mike gmail com> wrote:
> I'm trying to use jhbuild (source build and garnome both wouldn't
> work), but when it gets to GTK+, the build fails because it can't find
> xdgmimecache.h
> it's right, there is no xdgmimecache.h in ./gtk+/gtk/xdgmime, and it's
> not there in the gnome cvs either.
> so how do I go about getting this file?
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> - Mike Wyatt
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