Re: glib.h

 On Wednesday 15 September 2004 19:43, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 15.09.2004, 21:24 -0700 schrieb Kermit Tensmeyer:
>  and then I was stumped by another problem the typedef 'gsize' isn't
> > defined in glib. (it's used extensively but not defined -and- it was
> > defined in glib.h (version 1.2). The first and closest typedef of
> > 'gsize' is in the gobj include directory.
> gsize (and other platform-dependent things) are defined in glibconfig.h,
> which you'll find in $libdir/glib-2.0/include.
> glibconfig.h gets included in glib.h via
> glib.h -> galloca.h -> gtypes.h -> glibconfig.h
> You are using pkg-config to get the correct CFLAGS for building things
> against glib, right ?

  Are you sure gsize is defined in glibconfig.h?
   gint16  guint32 are there but gsize isn't

 on a fresh machine, I installed the libraries (not from apt or rpm but
from source)   and gtkhtml-3.2.1 failed to compile again at the same spot with 
exactly the same symptoms. (configure worked and built proper set of files)

 glib.h -> galloca.h -> gtypes.h  -> glibconfig.h
        and G_BEGIN_DECLS (declared in gmacros.h)
    shows up as bare-word in compile (replace -c with -E in gcc compile)

    have gtypes.h -> gmacros.h   or reorder glib.h ?
    and add typedef gsize..

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                    mine!   all mine!

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