Re: GTK+/Win32 MS Sans Serif font => warning

Egon Andersen <post talura dk> writes:

> I'm using GTK+ on Win32.

Which version?

Which toolchain and supporting libraries?  Cygwin?  MinGW? Other?

> I changed the font on my WinXP system to MS Sans Serif.
> After this I get the following warning:
> WARNING**: Couldn't load font "MS Sans Serif 8" falling back to "Sans 8"

I used to get this problem using the dropline packages for MinGW, but
no amount of Pango tweaking fixed it.  I "solved" the problem by
building my own libraries from source for Cygwin.  Nowadays Cygwin
comes with GTK+, so you could try that, or try the latest version

(Thankfully, I no longer need to build under Windows!)

Roger Leigh

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