Re: Accelerators don't work

El mié, 29-09-2004 a las 10:46, Pramod Patangay escribió:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to add accelerators to menu items. But
> they don't seem to work as they should. There's a
> menuitem which when activated will hide the menu bar.
> But once the menu bar is hidden, none of the
> accelerators work.
>  I am using Fedora Core. Any idea on what's going on
> here? Why are accelerators disabled when menu bar is
> hidden? How do I enable them? and what are the other
> workarounds? Suprisingly I don't face this problem on
> RedHatLinux-8 but only on FedoraCore.

I've got the same problem (Gentoo-linux with gtk-2.4). This fault is
either a bug or the gtk developers decided that accelerators to hidden
menu items is not a valid way to code. I'm not sure, but probably the
latter is correct.

To work around this issue, you could add in your own keypress event
handlers. When you get a hit for a key that should accelerate to the
hidden menu item, just go to the callback directly and return TRUE,
otherwise FALSE.


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