Re: which IDE do u suggest to use to develop gtk applicacions?

Le lun 17/05/2004 à 19:41, lrcgtk red4est com a écrit :
> On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 09:53:57AM +0200, Jean Bréfort wrote:
> > > which IDE do you suggest to use to develop gtk applicacions? I am still
> > > learning gtk and i right now i compile my .c files using the gcc
> > > compiler in the konsole. I think that an Integrated Develoment
> > > Enviroment would help me to do somethings faster and maybe easier. 
> > > What do you think?
> > > 
> > > Thanks.
> > > Ricardo.
> > 
> > You cat try anjuta (
> I just took a look at Anjuta. I'm not entirely sure what it gives me
> over just using glade. Also glade-2 works with gtk 2, but it seems as
> if Anjuta is gtk 1.

Recent version of Anjuta support gtk-2. Glade can be used to generate
both the ui and a skeleton code, but if you change the ui, you have to
redo the code generation and your changes in the sources will be lost.
IMHO it is easier to use Glade to generate just the glade file and
anjuta for the sources using libglade to load the glade file.

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