Changing notebook childs "on the fly" ?

Hey all.
Here is the deal: I am using a notebook widget. I would like to change the content of the notebook pages depending on some choices the user make. Those choices can be made at any moment.
Therefore, I would need to be able to change the widget child of  a notebook page at any moment in the program's life. The child of a page of the notebook is always going to be a derived class of Gtk::Table (I am using gtkmm).
The only way I found, at the moment, is to add a container to the notebook pages, get that container through notebook_get_nth_page and then add my table to that container.
That said, I don't really like that way especially since I think it will be a pain to have it displayed correctly (I would need my table to fill up and fit in the entire container and since I am noobish, I have no idea how :) ).
If anyone has an idea or a better solution... shoot!

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