Problem with CList and a pop-up window


I would like to know how to get the list of items
selected in a CList widget. I have done this in regard
with this problem:
     GList *sel;
     if ( (sel = GTK_CLIST(clist)->selection) == NULL)

But now I don't know how to retrieve the selected
information from the "sel" variable. I would like to
get the index of the selected items.

Could you guide me to find out the same?

Another problem that I don't know how to proceed
further with is creating a pop-up information box on
the task bar to inform the user of something new. Only
if the user clicks on that, a new window showing the
necessary details pops-up. 

If I'm not clear, I'd like to quote an example from
Yahoo Messenger. I'd like to do something similar to
the box that pops up at the end of the task bar when
one of the contacts on the contact list logs in. 

Hope to get solutions to both of my problems.

Thank you,
Binu George

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