Win32 pixmap bug

I'm looking for a little help resolving a deadlock
situation regarding this bug:

I've just tested that it's still present in the 2.2.4-2
runtime environment. I have provided a minimal sample
program in Ada but Tor insists on a C program and I wouldn't
know where to begin writing one.
The problem is that pixmaps read from a file are somehow
clipped wrongly when they are put on a drawingarea like this:

   function On_Drawingarea1_Expose_Event
     (Object : access Gtk_Widget_Record'Class;
      Params : Gtk.Arguments.Gtk_Args) return Boolean
      Pix_Key  : Gtk_Pixmap;
      Pixd     : Gdk.Pixmap.Gdk_Pixmap;
      Mask_Key : Gdk.Bitmap.Gdk_Bitmap;
      Pix_Key := Create_Pixmap("a.xpm", Dialog);
      Get(Pix_Key, Pixd, Mask_Key);
      Set_Clip_Origin(Gc, 70, 10);
      Set_Clip_Mask(Gc, Mask_Key);
      Draw_Pixmap(Gdkw, Gc, Pixd, 0, 0, 70, 10);
      return False;
   end On_Drawingarea1_Expose_Event;

Does anyone have a very small C program that only displays
a drawingarea in a dialog that I can try to adapt to make
a test case for this bug?

Manuel Op de Coul

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