Re: gtk 2.4 compilation wants pango 1.2?

On Friday 26 March 2004 10:24, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Dave Reed <dreed capital edu> writes:
> > On a Solaris 9 system, I installed:
> > glib-2.4.0
> > pango-1.4.0
> > atk-1.6.0
> >
> > but when configuring gtk+-2.4.0 I get:
> >
> > -----------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > checking for freetype-config... /usr/local/bin/freetype-config
> > checking For sufficiently new FreeType (at least 2.0.1)... yes
> > sh: gnome-config: not found
> > configure: error: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft backend is required for x11 target
> >
> > -----------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > I had previously installed gtk+-2.2.2 and it's corresponding glib,
> > pango, and atk. What do I need to do to get gtk 2.4 to install?
> You need pango >= 1.2.0 (so 1.4.0 is OK) _with_ the Xft backend. Use
> 'pkg-config --modversion pangoxft' to find out what version is
> installed (or rather what version is in your PKG_CONFIG_PATH).
> Sven
Hi Dave,

I had a similar problem when upgrading from 2.2.4 to 2.4.0.

When you run ./configure in your pango-1.4.0 directory, look at the output for 
any warnings about not finding "fontconfig" or "xft".  A simple way to do 
this is to redirect stdout to a file - only the warnings and errors will be 
sent to the console ("./configure > /dev/null").  Pango will compile and 
install with these warnings, but it won't generate pangoxft.  Without 
pangoxft, gtk+-2.4.0 will not configure.  I had to install fontconfig-2.2.2, 
freetype-2.1.4, and xft-2.1.1 before building pango to get pangoxft.  You can 
find the sources if you are missing any of these packages at:

Note that these packages can be fussy about which versions will work together 
- you may have to experiment on your system.  There is a copy of xft-2.1.2 at 
the first link, but it will not compile unless your XFree86 is 4.3.0 or later 
- my system has XFree86 4.2.0, so I had to use xft-2.1.1.  I was told (but 
did not experiment with this) that there is a problem with 
fontconfig/freetype in versions of fontconfig earlier than 2.2.2.  There are 
earlier versions of fontconfig at the 3rd link, but not fontconfig-2.2.2.

Pay careful attention to the recommended installation procedure for each - a 
simple "./configure" command may install them in the wrong places.  In my 
case, I used these (recommended for Linux) commands for the 3 packages:
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man
./configure --prefix=/usr
./configure --prefix=/usr/X11R6

You may also have to add these lines in one of your startup scripts:
        export PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Good Luck!


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