Re: Whence 'gtk2' ?

chuck gelm wrote:
Amit BHATNAGAR wrote:

When I: root g2000:~# pkg-config gtk+ --modversion

You seem to be saying that I do not have gtk2, because my
gtk+ version is < 2.x

try "pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --modversion"

Thanks, Everyone:
I tried bluefish-0.7 and bluefish-0.12 and both failed to run after the install:
"Gdk-WARNING **: cannot open display".
I will look for another HTML editor.

"Cannot open display" can mean a number of things.. But the most obvious is whether you're running X-windows (are you looking at a graphical environment, or a text-mode prompt?) or not. If a graphical application looks for the X environment variable to be set (which starting X windows as a user does for you) and doesn't find it, it will give you that error. Another source of this problem is one user has logged into the console, and you are running the graphical application as a different user (often root, aka super-user). The point I'm making is that it isn't necessarily the browser or Gtk+ library causing this issue; other browsers may behave similarly given the same conditions.

Ron Lockwood-Childs
VCT Labs, Inc.

Regards, Chuck

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