Re: Whence 'gtk2' ?

Henning Nielsen Lund wrote:

What do you have on your computer?

Thanks, Henning Nielsen Lund:

I have added 'gtk-list' back into the address.

Slackware9.1 'everything' installed from packages
a, ap, d, n, f, g, k, x, and xap.

what they mean with gtk2 is gtk+ >= gtk+-2.0.0

If you have GNOME2 installed you allready have it ...

How can I tell?

My window manager is Gnome and when I right click on
a blank place on the title bar and select 'about Gnome',
it indicates version 2.4.0, but what does this have to do
with 'gtk2' or 'gtk+' ?  What is 'Pango' ?  What is 'Glib' ?

:-|  Chuck

But you could upgrade to the newest version:

Glib-2.4.0 --> Pango-1.4.0 --> GTK+-2.4.0

chuck gelm wrote:
Howdy, Everyone:

I have found an application that I want to try; Bluefish.

The documentation for Bluefish says that it requires 'gtk2'.
"It requires gtk2 <>, libpcre
<> and (optional) libaspell
<> for spell checking and (also
optional) gnome-vfs <> for remote files."

I found this mail list at, but there seems to
be references only to 'gtk+'.

How do I obtain 'gtk2' ?

Chuck Gelm

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