Wanting terminal-like behavior from a Gtk_Text_View widget

I am attempting to write a GTK application that not only uses GUI input from 
various widgets but also has an area for the user to type in commands and be 
shown text output.  I was thinking that a gtk_text_view widget could be used 
for this.

Essentially I want an area that is almost like a terminal screen, that is 
something along the lines of what one would do with no GUI present like 
printing out questions to stdout and getting input from stdin.  The previous 
output (and input) would remain in the window and eventually scroll off but 
not be editable.  I would like the arrow keys to bring up previous commands 
(kind of like tcsh).  In response to a command from the user, the code may 
have to print out a question requesting further information from the user.

I assume such a thing can be done with a text_view widget.  Just have to get a 
lot of the logic right.  Since I am fairly new to the GTK API, I asking if 
anyone has something like this already set up or if there is some application 
out there that has something like this that I can utilize or look at.

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