RE: Building GTK under Cygwin

I have the same problem and have twice sent a message to this list asking
for help with no response. Any help would be great.


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On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 18:20, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Has anyone successfully built GLib, GTK+ et. al. under Cygwin
> recently?

Did you get anywhere with this?  I didn't see any replies here.

> It has been done in the past: there are a set of packages at
> but these are six months
> old.  I'd like to be able to build them independently.
> So far, I can't get GLib to build.  While it compiles without issues
> (configuring with "-C --prefix=/usr --with-libiconv"), I get link
> errors when it tries to link an executable during the build due to
> missing symbols.  Looking closer, it fails to produce a libglib.dll,
> and produces an empty libglib.a as a result.  The error is due to the
> library being completely missing.
> This may partly be due to changes in Cygwin's gcc and ld: the .def
> file may no longer be required, since "gcc -shared" should do the
> right thing, and also build the import library with a linker option.
> Will there be any more 2.2.x GLib/GTK releases?  If so, I'll send in
> some patches, otherwise I'll do the same for 2.3.
> Regards,
> Roger

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