Panel Applets Background configuration on GTKRC


I working on a theme for GTK, one that is very close to the look of
WindowsXP. Based on others themes.

For now I have a gnome-panel with a blue color. But I'm working from a
theme where the default background color of the GTK components are
somewhat a mix of gray and yellow. Consequently my applets at the
Notification Area of GNOME have the background colored with that color,
the mix of gray and yellow.

Looking at the archives of the list I saw some similar questions but
none conclusive answer, all of them a quite long time ago.

I created a style and applied it to:

class "*Panel*" style "panelbg"

It changed the background of gnome-panel but also of Nautilus side
panel! Obviously because are the same component. How to prevent it to
change Nautilus appearance?

And for what 'class', 'widget_class' or 'widget' I should apply a style
to make the background of applets like GAIM, RHN (Red Hat Network)(all
of them goes inside gnome-panel Notification Area) become blue, for

Thanks for the attention.

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida <katmandu fs inf br>

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